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Benefits of DNA Banking

Leave a legacy for your Family

Our DNA contains valuable information about our ancestors and family roots. By banking your DNA you can pass along your legacy and genetic make-up to the next generations. Your DNA contains over 6000+ genetically inheritable disease data, which can be extremely useful for future generations to prevent the occurence.


Maintain a Record of Diseases that run in the family

More than 75% of diseases have been identified to have a cause in the genes received from the previous generations. Banking your DNA is an important step in identifying the root cause of the hereditary disease.

New opportunities for ancestry testing

You can identify your ancestral roots using DNA. As ancestry testing will become effective in the future, stored DNA of the family members like parents and grandparents can help very much in determining your roots.

Future Testing

DNA for future testing

Banked  DNA can be stored for a very long time and can be used at any time for any tests when required. Currently, there are many tests for DNA and many more tests are going to be available in the near future which can give very valuable information about you and your family.

A lasting memory of your loved one

Banking your and your family’s DNA is probably the best memory you can give to someone close or yourself as you will store a living part of your closed ones for a very long period of time and maybe even forever. DNA can be stored for an indefinite period of time at optimum conditions.


Open doors for Precision/targeted medicine

Studying your family’s DNA can help your doctor in deciding the most effective treatment for you or your closed ones. This treatment is already being used in various situations such as in heart patients or in cancer patients.

Disclaimer: CRISPR/Cas9, Cloning and Designer Babies are still under research and may not be completely legal as per today’s Indian laws but may change in the future. We don’t own any rights over CRISPR/Cas9, Cloning and Designer Babies technologies. We neither promote nor deny the credibility of these technologies. All the information provided in this page is for information purposes only.