Frequently Asked Questions


What is DNA Storage / Banking?

DNA Storage/Banking is the most secure way of storing an individual’s genetic material for a very long period of time. Stored DNA can remain undamaged and will be available for future use in an event of an emergency or other pressing need.

Why is it Important to store DNA?

DNA consists precious information about a family’s health, risks, medical conditions and ancestral history. By storing DNA, you are safeguarding this precious information and making it readily available for future generations. Research on genetics is currently growing at a very rapid pace and this will help in understanding the family’s risks towards diseases in a way that was not possible in the past.

Our family consists of healthy individuals. Why should we store our DNA?

Since we inherit half of our DNA from mother and the other half from father, the study of genetics is about family rather than the individual. Making your DNA available for testing, even after your death, can help improve the health of your family members. Correct interpretation of DNA test results in another family member may only be possible through testing of your own DNA.

Who Should Preserve DNA?

Everyone can store their DNA at any point of time but it is recommended to be done at the earliest. Storage of DNA is strongly recommended for elderly people and for families who have an ancestral history of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and diabetes at the earliest.

How much blood is required for DNA Banking?

The Helixa DNA Banking kit contains one tube of 10 ml which comes with a solution in it. We collect 8.5ml of blood in this tube and mix it properly with the solution to prevent the coagulation.

How does it work?

A blood sample is collected from the person, whose DNA has to be stored and is sent to the lab to extract the DNA. This collected blood sample consists of cells which contains DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) in its nucleus. DNA has a full set of genetic information of a human being. DNA consists of a lot of information related to a human’s ancestry, condition of health and habitations. By storing DNA one can ensure that the stored genetic material will be available for future use like in genetic testing when required. In our laboratory, we use State of Art technology to extract DNA from the blood sample, then purify, concentrate and store for 21 years at room temperature. Stored DNA will not degrade with time, it will always be available at any time in the future for 21 years from the day you store. The extracted DNA from the sample will be tested for purity and yield in our laboratory. As soon as the DNA is Banked customer will receive a DNA Banking certificate.

How one can use the Banked DNA in the Future?

Stored DNA can be used for many medical testing applications related to human genetics like disease testing, health risk analysis, ancestry testing, identity testing and many more tests in the near future. One can use the stored DNA at any time as it is readily available. A customer can simply hand over the stored DNA to a laboratory which performs various genetic tests, and they can immediately use the stored DNA for testing. To know more about how to collect the stored sample please follow our DNA recover protocol.

How Can DNA Preservation Benefit the Health of My Children and Future Generations?

A large number of serious diseases can be traced to our genetic makeup. Having a clear picture of a family’s genetic history can assist future generations in understanding their health risks and allows them to take preventative measures to mitigate the devastating effects of disease before it is too late.

How Do We Store DNA?

DNA of a customer will be stored safely at room temperature in two different locations. We use special storage chambers to store the DNA at the optimum temperatures.

How Long can the DNA be Banked?

Banked DNA can be stored forever under the optimum conditions. We store your DNA for a period of 21 years. After the period of 21 years, you or your legal representative can either decide to store the DNA for a longer period or discard the DNA depending on the integrity of the DNA.

Does Helixa Lifesciences perform Testing?

Currently, We are only a DNA Banking company and store your DNA for a period of 21 years. we do not perform any testing in our laboratory.

Can the DNA be Re-Preserved and Used Again After Testing?

Any DNA remaining after genetic testing can be re-preserved for future use.