What is DNA Banking?

Why Preserve DNA?

DNA Banking (also known as DNA Storage/Preservation) is the secure storage of DNA, the most important genetic material in a living organism on a long-term basis for using it in the future or at the time of an emergency. DNA is extracted primarily from a blood sample but can also be extracted from saliva or other sources if needed. Stored DNA is your property and can only be accessed either by you or your legal representative. DNA banking is a way to invest in your family’s future just like life insurance.

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Open doors for your future

By banking the DNA you can store a living part of your loved ones for a very long time. It can be the most meaningful memorial you can gift someone close or yourself. Apart from being a memory, it can be very useful for your future generations as it can help them understand their health risks and take preventive steps very early before it is too late. By storing your DNA you can pass along helpful information about possible cancer types, genetic diseases, and even the ideal treatments and medicine for diseases. DNA banking creates opportunities that would otherwise be lost forever